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Which Mosquito Net Do I Need?

Mosquito nets have a very simple, yet useful function, protection. Since mosquitoes and other flying insects carry such diseases as malaria, West Nile and encephalitis, to name a few, protection has always been a priority. More people have died from symptoms related to mosquito bites than any other animal. In short, the mosquito has been a menace to man for as long as recorded history. The most effective solutions for malaria control efforts mosquito nets. Plain mosquito nets are completely effective in protecting humans within the net, and they do not adversely affect the health of natural predators such as dragonflies, and do not require sophisticated public health capacity on the part of the government

The mosquito net, while used throughout Asia for centuries, was brought into American mainstream by Col. William Gorgas during the construction of the Panama Canal. Thousands of workers, both local and foreigner, died from the outset of malaria. Goethals, the chief engineer of the Canal project, set about to curb this epidemic as it jeopardized the Canal’s future. A major part of his success was his particular attention to sanitation and control of disease carrying mosquitoes, which greatly reduced incidence of disease and death among Canal workers. The mosquito net was one of the primary methods he instituted and the results were immediate -the rate of malaria dropped dramatically and thousands of lives were saved.

There are several types of mosquito nets, with each type delivering a specific function. When purchasing a net, the most important consideration should be its intended use. 

Indoor Bed Canopy / Mosquito Nets: The most popular of all mosquito nets are the four point canopy style nets that cover the bed on all four sides. Two of the leading brands are the Mombasa Majesty and Nicamaka’s Shenzen Travelers. Both attach at four points on the ceiling and have four overlapping side openings. While these give mosquito protection, they are used primarily for décor, as both offer an element of glamour and intrigue to the bedroom. The Majesty is available in six colors (White, Ivory, Black, Sand, Blue, Brown & Ruby) while the Shenzen bed canopy is available in White and Black.

The single point canopy can also be a great décor piece, but usually is not the best for actual protection. The Mombasa line of the Siam, with bamboo ring, is the most popular of all single point mosquito nets. The Siam can fit a king sized bed and comes in 5 colors (White, Ivory, Black, Brown & Ruby) and is considered the premiere single point piece. The Mombasa Magic, with a faux bamboo ring, is another good choice for a twin sized bed and even a queen from a purely décor angle. The Magic comes in six colors (White, Ivory, Sand, Black, Blue, Brown & Ruby). The Mombasa Bali is a cotton gauze net that is reminiscent of a classic Arabian scene and this net is good for keeping out no-see-ums. The Mombasa Maya is an organdy bed canopy that is strictly for décor.

A great single point functional mosquito net is Nicamaka’s Ready Net. The Ready Net comes in white, has a fold up pop out steel ring and has no opening. This is the one of the only single point mosquito nets that in completely enclosed, ensuring that nothing can sneak into the bed. The edges can either drape onto the floor, or be tucked under the mattress. This is a great item for travelers into areas where mosquitoes are a problem, especially Africa and Central America.

Outdoor / Camping Mosquito Nets: Camping and/or outdoor mosquito nets are very important to anyone who is venturing out into the wilderness or into areas that have a mosquito problem. It is also very important to know exactly what kind of net you will need, the size you will need and especially vital, how to install it properly. There exists a wide array of outdoor nets. Size, hole size, set up all vary dramatically, and anyone who is looking should read and study each net for the various aspects. First, how am I going to hang it? Will you be in a cabin? If so a net that uses hooks can be used as the ceiling will provide a place in which to hang it. This way a Ready Net, Manila, or any of the Campers Nets can be used.

If you are camping and have access to trees, a line can be run that will allow you to use any of the Nicamaka Camper’s nets or the T-1 or T-03. The T-01 and T-03, are the only two suspended nets on the market that have a floor, so these are an excellent choice if you are sleeping on the open ground, assuming you have a place to hang it. This keeps out not only mosquitoes but ticks, which can cause Lyme disease, and other crawling insects.

If you will be located in an area where there is no place to hang a net, the best self supported mosquito tent is the Tropic Screen Room. This self supporting mosquito tent is large enough to fit a cot and/or two people. This has a sealed floor and is entered through a zippered door. This is a favorite of the military as well as those camping in the open.

No See Um Mosquito Nets: No-see-ums are more of a nuisance, than a health hazard, but they can ruin a weekend in the woods. No-see-ums usually are prevalent in marshy mangrove areas, especially the many islands of the Caribbean and the Southeastern Coast of the United States. They emerge at dusk by the thousands and though tiny are ferocious and persistent. Bottom line is these things will go after you if allow to do so.

The largest and most effective no-see-um net on the market is Nicamaka’s Manila. The Manila Travelers No-See-Um 4 Point Bed Canopy/Mosquito Net is a must for anyone who needs a small insect protective bed canopy for a king or queen sized bed. The Manila Travelers four point Bed Canopy comes in white or black as well as an easy to pack carrying case that allows for easy transport. With 520 holes per square inch this material offers the utmost in mosquito and no-see-um protection as the netting is so fine, even the smallest of creatures can not penetrate.

The Campers nets both come with a no-see-um netting.

Umbrella / Gazebo Nets: This type of mosquito net is used in situations where there is no screened patio. In the northern parts of the United States, screened patios are a rarity, due mainly to the snow that would collapse them in the winter, so household that have patio or deck, are sometimes hit hard, especially at dusk. The Umbrella Mosquito Net simply goes around the umbrella, creating mini enclosure. There are two nets on the market. The Frikon 9’ Net is widely considered to be the top product as it has a think, black screening and a ‘D’ shaped zipper door, which allows for easy in and out access. The top has a drawstring opening that allows the umbrella to go through the top, letting the net to fall down around the umbrella and table. The base is weighted down with a water tube, that can be filled if needed, but most do not need to fill the base as the net is heavy enough to keep its shape. The black screening makes it easy to see out of and therefore a very popular and practical net. The Dayva Brella Net is a white mosquito net that goes over the umbrella, has no door and must be entered by climbing under the netting. Since this net is lighter, small weights may be needed to hold down the sides, especially if the area is windy.

Protect against the annoyance and danger from mosquitoes, other insects and the West Nile Virus with our wide collection of mosquito nets and mosquito netting at buyhammocks.com. Mosquito nets and mosquito netting made to protect inside the home, on the camp ground, on patios, porches, gazebos, over hammocks and in camping environments. Find the one that fits yours needs. All Mosquito nets are fully functional and ready for immediate use. Mosquito nets / netting are a vital part of any travel or summer camp kit, as it allows you the comfort of knowing that a good and safe night's sleep is in the bag.

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